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Create a custom workout plan

Personalize your training by building plans with your preferred exercises, rest time, supersets, equipment, or frequency

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Log your fitness journey

Stay consistent by logging your progress from your mobile or watch. Follow exercise instructions to perfect your form, and take notes to remind yourself of important details

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Optimize training with advanced analytics

Train smarter with muscle recovery breakdown and visualize your progress with 1RM, workout time, and weightlifting charts

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Find plans for all your goals

Start your fitness journey by selecting a plan from thousands of elite plans designed by experts

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Connect with over 12 million Jefit members

We invite you and your friends to join us and support each other in our active workout community.

Profile picture for JEFIT user livelikeanapexpredator


back and bicep pump

Profile picture for JEFIT user imcapers


Chest and abs day!! Felt great with a good pump. Shirt seemed fitting since I was starting a new routine this week.

Profile picture for JEFIT user wubby2


Work is taking up far more time than I expected and my workouts have's to finding a way and getting back on track in March!!

Profile picture for JEFIT user bludangl


Pull day pump, starting to see more definition

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