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Manage & Track all your workout in one place

#1 Popular workout tracking platform

Most active workout community​

Connect with friends and over 8.8 million of Jefit members to receive feedbacks, tips, support to help reach your goals.


How Does it work


Create Plan

Create personalized workout programs tailored to your needs to keep you motivated


Train and Track

One-click to record your training logs, start the rest time and track your workout


Analyze and Improve

Analyze your workout data and adjust acorrdingly to maximize results


Plans that suit you best


FreeAds supported
Workout Routine Planner
Training Log Tracker
1300+ Exercise Library
Body stat tracking
Built-in Social / Community

Elite Monthly

$6.99per month
Ads Free
Included everything in Basic plan
Advanced Training Reports
Advanced mobile feature sets
Compare stats with friends (Web)
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$6.99 billed / month

Elite Yearly

$3.33per month
Ads Free
Included everything in Basic plan
Advanced training reports
Advanced mobile feature sets
Compare stats with friends (Web)
Save 52% & more...
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$39.99 billed / year


What others say about us

Women's Health

JEFIT is the ultimate all-in-one strength-training tracker. The app allows you to plan out your workouts move-by-move, track your reps and sets, time your rest intervals, and evaluate your progress.

Editorial Team
google play icon
Google Play Editorial Team

Why we love this: 1. Perfect for tracking your gym workouts; it does everything but spot you 2. Make your workout a team effort: Compare routines and progress with other community members 3. Focus your efforts on where you want to see change, with workouts dedicated to arms, legs, abs, and more

Editorial Team
pix 11
PIX 11 News

Hitting the gym could sometimes be intimidating and tedious but with the Jefit app, you could keep your workout interesting.

Andrew Ramos
Men's Fitness

Remember how you used to walk around the gym with a notepad to write down every single exercise? This app can replace that old paper and give it an infusion of smarts.

Men's Journal

If gym training is your thing, JEFIT will be your new go-to app for workouts, regardless of your fitness level.

Rose McNulty
USA Today Logo
USA Today

I like the app Jefit, which is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. You pick the workout--for instance, here's the 3 months from Fat to Fit--and it tells you exactly what to do, in text and diagram. So let's get to work on those lunges!

Jefferson Graham
Technology columnist
The Australian logo
The Australian

I’m still surprised at the number of people I see at the gym using a pen and pad to log their workout... JEFIT strikes the right balance offering enough features for free with a low maintenance interface that quickly gets out of the way in between sets.

The Australian

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