Train Better

Personal Coach Mode

Expand your personal training business with Personal Coach Mode. Reduce your average time spent per client by connecting with fitness savvy clients remotely to provide personal workout plans, track their workout progress, and provide feedback.

Client Management.
Coach more clients in less time. Send routines, track workout sessions, and manage communications all in the JEFIT app
Premium Workout Plans.
JEFIT's extensive exercise library makes updating or personalizing workout plans a breeze. In app instructions teaches your clients how to perform each exercise through HD videos mid-workout.
Coach Branding.
Build an online reputation and let new clients come to you. Add certifications, success photos, and personal bios to your own JEFIT profile.
Coach Mode Enhancements: Stay Updated with Us!
As we fine-tune and upgrade Coach Mode, it's temporarily unavailable. For the latest updates and news on our progress, please reach out to us at